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Dawn of War II

Posted: 04 Mar 2009, 21:03
by Sirex
Was playing the beta for a few weeks back in Feb, and just downloaded it now to see how the Campaign is. Alot of more interesting and indepth then any of the previous (Dark Crusade, etc).

If you dont know anything about it the game focuses on Squad Based RTS. Think of Warcraft 3 reign of Chaos. Now think of being able to control 4 Hero units, and each of the hero units come with a small squad of marines/etc.

The fun thing about it is they stay with you throughout the campaign and you put the skills into their attributes (mellee, gunnery, health, mana/power regen.) So they level up and become tough sons of bitches. You can also change their war gear as you collect more to make them do more damage, have better toughness, etc.

So the missions come down to you using your heroes and their squads to dish out hurt. It can be a little tricky to micro them really closely when in a decent size battle, but overall the interface works fairly well. The missions are fairly straight forward though and usualy are based around the same thing:

You start at the edge of the map and must make it to the opposite edge of the map to fight a final boss. Every map is identical in this respect. There are some "shrines" that you need to capture/should capture to give your troops bonuses. If you played Dark Crusade, youll be familiar with the territory map. ITs very similar to DoWII, except that you can travel between planets, and the territories you need take over are all part of the story line. The defend missions usualy focus around a gate way to a small city, or a shrine/temple of the imperium that you must guard. Which is pretty fun.

Multiplayer, Ive only played the beta and i know there was some improvements after I stopped playing. There is no base building but you still capture command points which in turn give you a moneytary increase as well as a power increase. This in turn lets you buy an army from your command centre. Most multiplayer games are based around capturing and holding relics of sort form the enemy. When their points run out you win. There is also base destruction but it takes considerablly longer.

In any case a fun game. It gets a little repetitve in the missions as they are all based around the same principle. But its too fun watching space marines chop up eldar/orks/tyranids with chainsaws, etc.