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Wii Codes

Postby Phoenix » 09 Oct 2008, 03:10

Post your Wii Codes in this thread. Keep it brief, no comments, edit your post if you need to modify something. I'll attempt to update this top post with all the codes below.
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Stoops Wii List

Postby Taze » 09 Oct 2008, 07:07

Galos can we edit this for:
Wii Codes - Plus:
Wii Online Games & Friend code for that game (I have been told theres a new friend code for each game vs 1 friend code 1 wii code)
This will also tell us what games people have to help in decision of buying a new game.

Stoops (Taze)
Wii Code: 1125 4134 1475 6191
Dr Mario: 8589 0105 2671
Mario Kart: 3394 6929 4724

Updated 01-09
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Re: Wii Codes

Postby Soleira » 26 Jan 2009, 03:43

Wii code: 5251 8217 3281 0321
Mario Kart code: 0001 4604 8720
Smash Bros code: 1676 4977 3820

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